For recreational and relaxed riding we can provide you with a commuter bike with reasonably wide tires, the ability to carry paniers and a low gearing ratio .

The laps are between 40 and 55km 


For dynamic but non-competitive riding.  We can provide a thin-tired road bike with drop down handlebars positioned lower than the seat.

We ride between 75 and 100 km per day and there is a support vehicle for the longer tours.

Why do we give you a price per day w/o the accommodaton ?

I take no commission on hotel bookings. I am a licensed tour guide , but not a licensed travel agent who  books rooms ( or flights) for a 3rd person. 

How do you book night accommodation?

I advise you where to stay and let you book your room. Most locations offer a choice between a reasonable priced  ( € 45.- p/p,  B&B in  a shared room ) and  a fancy hotel . 

How  do you travel to the meeting point or connect to your next destination ? 

We can assist you with finding a shuttle service to / from CdG, BXL airport, or Lille Europe Eurostar railway station (90´ connection with London St-Pancras


Are these tours guided ?

I personally lead every tour and give interpretation at the points of interest . For a dozen years now  I work in France and Belgium as a licensed tour guide.  


How big are the groups  ?

The minimum is 2 participants.  To be cost - effective we need 6 to 8 people . Unless we have a homegeneous group ( same level of fitness / people who ride together ) my groups seldomly are larger than 12 people . 


Can we bring our own bike , seat, pedals , helmet ?

Your bike will always fit you better than a hired bike. I encourage every  cyclist to bring her / his bike when possible.  If that is not practical, then you can hire a bike here and bring your seat, pedals & shoes, helmet...

Is there a support vehicle ?

For the 3 to 14 day tours there always is a support vehicle. For the shorter tours we organise the luggage to be transported to the next venue. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

8 weeks before derparture I send you a Paypal  deposit invoice to confirm your booking.  You can then use your  credit card. The balance is due when we start the tour.

When can we plan our tour  ?

We don't know when the season will start in 2021, post Covid-19. We shall  create a schedule to fit your calendar. Let us know your travel plan and then I can initiate a trip for your party and open to others .


 We are a small and very flexible 2 men operation with a dozen years of experience.  We create a trip to fit your level of fitness and  specific points of interest.  Do send me your questions or travel plan  and I will respond with my suggestions. 


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