The military history

Flanders Fields and Ypres ,  Vimy Ridge, the Somme and Villers-Bretonneux....

1 -day  OR  multi-day   tours

The cultural heritage

Scenic routes, art deco houses,  gothic cathedrals, medieval castles & achitecture , interesting murals and street art .

Paris & Brussels

2- day Paris & Versailles gardens

7- day scenic ride Brussels to Paris & Versailles gardens.

2- day Brussels & Waterloo

Cycling isn't just my business, its my hobby 

After a 14 year carreer with an international company I was ready for a new chapter in my life ! 

To combine riding my bike and exploring the natural beauty , the cultural heritage and the military history seemed like the perfect merge of my hobby and my work .

Sharing my knowledge with riders becomes an enjoyment every time we kick-off a new tour. 

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